Hyperalimentation and Obesity

Hyperalimentation refers to a state where measures of food consumed are superior to appropriate. It embraces overeating and parenteral nutrition. The term can also be castoff to designate ingestion to reimburse for past nutritional insufficiencies. In this context, it can refer to parenteral nutrition, though this has been described as incorrect. This is a process in which vitamins and nutrients are given to a person in liquid form intravenously. It is a medical technique used for individuals who cannot get nutrients from food. This is done primarily due to weakened gastrointestinal conditions such as progressed eating disorders, severe malabsorption, polyphagia associated with diabetes.

To stop overeating pay attention to your portion sizes and avoid processed foods.

  • Overnutrition
  • Hyperalimentation
  • Overconsumption of nutrients and food
  • Normal growth, development and metabolism
  • Overnutrition and related disorders
  • Oversupplying a specific nutrient
  • Iron poisoning
  • Low sodium diet
  • Nutrition intervention goals
  • Food consumption